Scorching hot: 5 amazing days at GITEX Global and the North Star

North Star 2023.png

My journey began with a sizzling welcome in Dubai. 🌞 With the DataSpike team we braved 40°C heat and heavy traffic as we headed to Expand North Star, a part of GITEX Global. Despite the morning chaos, we successfully set up our stand, and I had my first investor meeting.

I became a part of the DataSpike team in September, and the weeks leading up to this event were a tornado of immersing myself in our product, market, tech, and clients. So, as the day before the event arrived, I was understandably nervous. After a night of limited sleep, I decided to just "go with the flow." And you know what? The pitch was a hit, catching the attention of a venture capital enthusiast who offered to connect us with two of his portfolio companies.

🚀From there, it was a rollercoaster ride:

  • 25+ Investor presentations
  • engaging in discussions with over 150+ potential clients
  • a stage performance to pitch Dataspike

The heartwarming support from fellow startups and attendees was an invaluable takeaway 😎

The event at Expand North Star was amazing, even though it got a bit chaotic because of all the startups and visitors. We grappled with Wi-Fi issues that disrupted our presentations and demos. Several attendees even managed to catch a cold in the searing +40°C heat of Dubai.

💼The results? Here's the breakdown:

  • 6 investors expressed a keen interest in Dataspike
  • 150+ prominent leads from MENA, the Mediterranean, and India
  • An impressive 20 inquiries rolled in about our white-label solutions

We couldn't resist exploring GITEX Global's primary venue, a showcase of revolutionary technologies, including robotics, space exploration, artificial intelligence, and personalized tech.

The last day in Dubai was a well-deserved chill 🌴The sea offered the warmest embrace I've ever experienced. Finally, during the journey back, I indulged in some much-needed sleep. The verdict? A perfect 10/10 experience!

🤝Ready for GITEX 2024? You bet!